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Leaky Gut and Inflammation, activating optimum health. Leaky Gut and Inflammation is a choice.

As a trial lawyer in the pharmaceutical industry, frustrated by the many cases of abuse,  Tina turned toward the field of natural health and found her life’s work. She channeled her energy into learning all she could about disease prevention and good health maintenance. That led her to discover the importance of gut health and how connected and crucial it is for overall health and wellness. To share her discovery with the world, Tina along with her husband created a unique supplement that contains the superior probiotic strains of renowned researcher Dr. Simon Cutting. By promoting gut health and probiotics, Tina shares her passion for wellness, helping others live their best physical and emotional lives. https://justthrivehealth.com/ 

Wake up to Your Power - by Balancing Your Brain Hemispheres through Movement and Intentional Creativity® Chronic stress ultimately changes the chemicals in the brain which modulate cognition and mood, including serotonin. Let's boost Serotonin for mood regulation and wellbeing.

www.juicylifeleader.com  https://www.perspectiveshiftcoaching.com/

Stem Cells; the Healing Power of Nature

Dr. Harry Adelson explains Optimum health through anti-inflammatory living. Stem Cells; the Healing Power of Nature. Dr. Adelson has performed over 7,000 bone marrow and adipose-derived adult stem cell procedures and injected stem cells into over 1,400 intervertebral discs, placing him solidly among those most experienced in the world for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain conditions.  https://www.docereclinics.com/ 

 To Borneo and Back - A Surgeon Gone, Rogue

Dr. Miller isn’t just trained in how to think like an integrative medicine doctor. He took the very rare path of becoming a multi-specialist physician, surgeon, and dentist before choosing to integrate all of his specialties. Dr. Miller is led by his T.O.P HealthTM model that emphasizes treating the source of disease; optimizing a person in mind, body, and spirit; and the prevention of future illness. https://arisemd.com/

Combat Brain Training. Optimum health through coaching brains. John is an innovative master coach, consultant, and brain trainer. For over 25 years, he has guided leaders and their organizations in business, sports, and throughout the military to exceed their performance expectations.  John's Combat Brain Training program is the only one vetted and approved by our military to improve focus, faster thinking, EQ, and confidence.


Anti-inflammatory Living to be Productive.

The Beauty of Human Biology. Boomer Anderson & Tricia Reid: Anti-inflammatory Living to be Productive. Reducing Inflammation one step at a time.  Boomer is deeply involved in business development and strategy for Smarter Not Harder, Inc., the parent company of Troscriptions. He also serves as the Head of Health Optimization Practice, Europe which is part of the HOMe/HOPe Association (a non-profit). As a practitioner, Boomer helps other entrepreneurs change the world by optimizing their health.  Decoding Superhuman, Boomer’s podcast, is a muse gone wild. Currently, the podcast has 190+ episodes covering various domains of health optimization.


Natural Wine for Optimum health. Todd has been a serial entrepreneur and creator since he was 17.

Today, after 15 years in the wine business, his life is dedicated to educating and helping people make better choices about food, nutrition, and how they think about consuming alcohol. As the founder of Dry Farm Wines, a writer, speaker, and a leader in the organic/Natural Wine movement, he has widely educated communities on conscious consumption. Todd is deeply passionate about bringing people together to share love and laughter through Natural Wine. Dry Farm Wines is proud to be the largest Natural Wine merchant in the world, bringing awareness to Natural Wine consumption and supporting farmers who honor the soil.


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