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Step Sinatra

Step Sinatra’s miraculous healing story was featured in the documentary, Heal For Free.  A near-death-experience followed by a 40-day hospital stay changed the course of his life forever.  In the early 2000’s, he was a successful Wall Street trader that traded his health for money.  Spending a million dollars and traveling the globe for answers led to one simple discovery…that the most powerful therapy is right beneath our feet - and is free!  

Step is now a writer-speaker-teacher in the realm of natural healing, spiritual awakening and prosperity consciousness. Currently, his main focus is Grounded.com.  Co-founded with his father Dr. Stephen Sinatra in 2009, it is now one of the world’s leading Earthing & Grounding websites.  Recently, Step also launched Ageless.com, a Wellness Retreat and adventure company that incorporates Grounding and digital detox practices within high-vibrational European destinations.  

Step currently lives between Baden Baden Germany and the island of Hydra in Greece. His goal is spend as much time Grounded as possible and to discover the language of Creation. 

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