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Sylvia Becker-Hill

Sylvia Becker-Hill, German academic with two university degrees, matriarch of the coaching industry, executive coach with thousands of hours of working with corporate clients from around the world, self-employed for over 22 years, best selling author, leadership trainer, women's empowerment mentor, edutainment international stage sensation, podcast host, painting artist and Intentional Creativity® teacher, and founder of the Juicy Life Leader Academy is a true Renaissance Woman. She lives with her New Zealand husband, two teenage boys and her cat Princess Leia in southern California on an old citrus orchard.

In her conversation with Tricia Reid Sylvia will combine her academic research into the evolution of humanity's major cultural paradigms, neuroscience, kinesiology and Intentional Creativity to teach you in her usual 'out of the box' practical and highly engaging style how you can become a more healthy, more intuitive and more creative leader in your own life and at work. You will leave feeling inspired, energized and with tools you can use daily for the rest of your life. 

Warning: This one conversation might change how you see the world and yourself for ever and makes you step into your leadership outside your old comfort zone. Are you ready to wake up to your power?

In preparation for this interview, please have blank paper and minimum three different colored markers or pens at hand. Ideally you watch the interview in a quiet place where you can stand up and move two feet into all directions and wave your arms so you can take full advantage by following along the physical movements presented by the speaker Sylvia Becker-Hill.


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